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Your fiscal representant for Europe

Our main activities are centred on VAT-related issues and customised fiscal and business consultancy services.

We are also able to deal directly with the French tax authorities where cases have gone to appeal, or to initiate legal proceedings, for example, where claims for refund have been rejected. In addition, we represent foreign enterprises in connection with tax audits and the taxation of gains on the disposal of property situated in France.

Should a regular fiscal representation be inappropriate to the business requirements of your foreign operations, we can also support and advise you in establishing a new operating site or branch. Through close cooperation with our French tax consultancy firm, V&Z Audit et Conseil, as well as the European network, Europe Fides, we can thus provide you with comprehensive cross-country services.

Alongside professional expertise, our work is based on many years’ experience, especially in dealing with the relevant foreign authorities. In this context our trilingual (English/French/German) office is of great advantage.

If need be, we can call on a collaborative network of partners at national and international level.

Experience has taught us that you expect from a fiscal representative more than just the submission of tax returns. As a foreign enterprise, you will in practice regularly encounter unexpected business problems which go beyond VAT issues. You might not be able to solve these problems because of possible language barriers, unfamiliar business customs or an alien legal system.

All cases are dealt with by Mr Heinz Zillgens, a German tax advisor specialising in German-French business relations, with 20 years of professional experience in auditing and advising international enterprises in France.

By maintaining constant dialogue and personal contact with clients, he aims to satisfy not only fiscal interests and requirements, but also to provide a necessary confidential relationship as part of fiscal representation. His responsible and reliable approach ensures that the client receives an efficient consultancy and representation service in relation to the tax authorities.

In this he is supported by a professionally competent and similarly multilingual staff.

In case any questions remain unanswered don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to finding resolutions through personal discussion with you.

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