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VAT refunds and fiscal representation in France

It is our aim to offer your enterprise comprehensive advisory and support services in relation to your foreign business operations, beyond the normal role of fiscal representation.

From our complete range of consultancy and other services we would like to highlight the following specifically:

  1. moreVAT refund applications
  2. moreFiscal representation
  3. moreOccasional fiscal representation
  4. moreTaxation of property
  5. moreFormation of companies and branches
  6. moreAppeal proceedings
  7. moreAuthorised receiving agent
  8. moreTax audits
  9. moreCustoms matters and consumption taxes
  10. moreWithholding Tax and Income Tax
  11. moreProperty Tax and Inheritance tax

Our tax consultancy firm, V&Z Audit et Conseil, is at your service for all matters pertaining to tax representation. A comprehensive consultation ensures that all of your interests are therefore protected.

You can get further information from the individual web pages or through the “Questions and Answers” page. We look forward to clarifying any further questions with you personally.

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